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College Essay Seminar

College applications will be due before you know it! Complete an amazing working draft of a Personal Essay required in the Common App and most every other college application in only two days. During this two-day seminar, we’ll walk you through the essay, from first draft to final draft, providing:

✔  The elements of an effective essay sought by all college admissions officers.

✔  Brainstorming techniques to find the perfect topic for your personal essay and any supplementals. 

✔  Organizational techniques, including the secrets to effective introductions and conclusions.

✔  Self-editing techniques that will help you make every word count.

✔  One-on-one time with our experts.


We cap our seminars at only 12 students to ensure our mentors have time to meet individually with students several times during each 5-hour day. Current Seminars full? Email us and we'll let you know when we've added more dates.

Only looking for help with existing essays or supplementals? Click here to book a session.

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Complete a working draft in two days:

Calliope Creation's 2 Day College Essay Seminar will help students write a working draft of their Common App Personal Essay

Day One 

End product: First half of your essay.
5 hours

By the end of Day One, you'll have the first half of your essay drafted. This includes a nailed down topic, strong introduction paragraph, and an organizational strategy. How?

  • We'll begin the day with our tried-and-true brainstorming exercises guaranteed to help you find a topic that shows who you are. 

  • Next, we'll tackle the introductory paragraph. A strong introduction sets the tone for the rest of your essay.

  • Then, we get writing. While you work through the first half of your essay, we'll be meeting one-on-one with students for real-time instruction.

Students who need help polishing their Personal Essay or writing their supplementals can sign up for individualized coaching

Day Two 

End product: A complete draft.
5 hours

By the end of Day Two, you'll walk away with a solid essay you're proud of. 

  • You'll begin the day by reviewing feedback provided by our mentors - then planning the rest of the essay based on a close analysis of Day One work.

  • Then we'll touch base on conclusion paragraphs, and how to leave your reader (the college admissions team) with something to remember.

  • Next is the fun part. We'll walk you through the self-editing techniques that you can use not only in your applications, but in college and beyond: removing presumptuous participles, purposeful paragraphing, and powerful punctuation.

  • We'll finish the day with writing time and additional opportunities to meet one-on-one.

Plus, you'll receive other benefits, including:

✔  Waitlist priority for our one-on-one coaching sessions that will help polish this essay and any supplemental or scholarship essays you need to craft, because as deadlines approach, demand for our mentors increases.

* This isn’t magic. Expect to invest some extra time between the first and second day with some homework customized to each student. If you fully participate and invest the effort, you’ll have a draft that is either 100% completed or nearly completed.

It is hard to think that you can write a full essay in only 2 days of 5 hour sessions but the process that is used is amazing. They let you take the lead and help when it's necessary. Awesome job by Zoe and Kevin.
Zoe and Kevin not only educated us about what a common app looks like, but also what we should expect to feel while writing it. They showed us different essay styles with their own perspectives and tones, encouraging us to use our own voices. They made the experience personalized with one-on-one help, and listened to our ideas no matter how crazy they were. Truly, I have never felt so confident in
my writing.
This session dismissed any misconceptions about the college essay from my mind. I feel like I understand it more, and now it feels less like an impossible task and more like an attainable goal.
The session helped me understand more about not only the writing process but myself with all of the warm-ups that helped ease me into the process.
Oct 21, 2023, 10:00 AM MST
Live & Online 10 hours over 2 days $550
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