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Individualized Coaching

 Loved our seminar and are looking for continued support to polish your Personal Essay? Didn't attend our seminar, and need individual support? We are available to meet one-on-one to help you perfect your Personal Essay, scholarship essays, or any supplemental essays.  

Individualized Coaching covers 3 key components
crucial to a successful application process:


Personal Essay

If you've taken our seminar, we'll help you polish and perfect your Personal Essay. If you haven't, we'll begin our sessions by tackling the Personal Essay that will anchor all of your applications. 


Get Organized

Now, let's get organized. We'll walk through your application schedule and game-plan, ensuring deadlines are met and each of your college applications is well-rounded and effective. 



It's time to think about your supplemental essays. Each college application will typically include two to three. We craft supplemental essays strategically, ensuring your application showcases exactly why you're an excellent candidate.

University of Michigan Student

There are good writing teachers, and then there’s Kevin Sheh. His technical fluency and encyclopedic knowledge of the craft of writing speaks for itself, but to me, the real skill is in his emotional acuity. He’s able to look at the roughest of drafts and find the heart — not just of the essay at hand — but of the writer.

ASU Barrett Student

I originally did not know how to approach my essay, but Zoe helped me narrow down my topics and really walked me through the entire college essay writing process. Thank you so much!

Northwestern Student

When it was time to submit my applications, I felt like I had created a college essay that was uniquely mine — my ideas and my words — and I was so proud of what I had written.
This session includes: ✔ Polishing of 500 words worth of essays (1 Personal Essay or several supplementals) ✔ Close review and editing by Mentors prior to meeting ✔ One-on-one editing & consulting time with Mentors
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